Guide For Betting On Cricket Online

By 01 June 2021

Cricket is one of the most popular sports around the world, with millions of fans in each continent. Its fan base only falls behind football, which is arguably the most popular in the world. As a result of this popularity, online cricket betting is one of the most patronized gambling, with several betting sites that make this possible.

If you’re looking to get into cricket betting online, and have little or no knowledge about the cricket betting markets, this article is for you. Basically, we would be discussing live cricket betting markets, strategies to bet on cricket, the best cricket bookies online, and other things you need to know to successfully play the game.

cricket betting

What is cricket betting?

The ever-increasing popularity of the game has spurred bookies to create avenues for players to wager and win cash, depending on the outcome of games. To bet on cricket online is to simply stake money against a possible outcome. Just like ordinary betting, if your prediction actually happens, then you win a certain sum (depending on the odds) and if it doesn’t, you lose completely. This possible through cricket betting sites that provide a platform and odds to go on different outcomes of games.

Cricket has come a long way since its inception in the 17th century, and although it’s still played with a bat, two sets of stumps, a ball and eleven players per side, the sport is forever changing as the year passes by. Although cricket betting has existed for almost as long as the game itself, the emergence of betting sites for cricket has revolutionized the act, making cricket bets as easy as it gets.

Today, as long as you have a smartphone and internet connection, you can wager as much as you want on the best cricket betting sites, through cricket betting apps. These apps allow players to make match predictions and access world-class competitions like the Indian Premier League and ICC cricket world cup. A site like ESPNcricinfo gives comprehensive news and betting tips on the sport, for players to take advantage of.

How does online cricket betting work?

Online cricket betting pretty much takes the same shape as the conventional sports betting you’re already used to. First, you can only wager through a bookmaker, selecting your preferred options on competitions and game outcomes, depending on what you want. Here is a rundown on the steps you’re to take before you can successfully start betting:

  • Select a bookie
  • Open an online betting account with the bookmaker
  • Fund the account
  • Wager and wait for the outcome of games

The sole factor that determines how much you earn from wagers is the odds attached. Cricket betting odds represented a number that expresses the likelihood (implied probability) that an outcome would occur. For example, India being at odds of 1.52 to win a match, means if they eventually win the match, you would earn the odds multiplied by the amount of money you wagered.

Lastly, just like every successful bettor, keep in mind that your bet should never exceed an amount that you can’t afford to lose. The one golden rule about betting is to never ever chase losses. This is why professionals advise that you don’t have a set amount to bet per match, this way, you would only bet on outcomes that you can. For more tips on online cricket betting, visit

How do I find the best cricket bookies online?

From designing the odds to setting up games, payment systems, player interaction platforms and more, bookmakers are the bedrock of cricket online betting. With these bookies’ website, your IPL predictions would be useless, since you can’t create a system yourself. As a result, choosing the right bookie online is very important for a number of reasons, which are:

  • Protection from identity theft
  • Favorable odds
  • Amazing betting experience
  • Avoiding fraud

If you, unfortunately, select the wrong bookmaker, you could end up with any of the events listed above. This is why it is necessary that you take the pain and select the best platform for you. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing a bookie for online cricket gambling:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Several withdrawal and deposit methods
  • Gaming licenses
  • Withdrawal transaction duration
  • Customer database with a history of payouts

When you finally draw up a list of potential online bookmakers, the next step is to run them through a test, by checking the qualities listed above. Basically, a good bookie should pass with flying colors, and you should stay away from those with not so good grades. Keep an eye out for the withdrawal transaction duration as well as licenses held by the site.

Cricket betting markets and competitions available

Understanding the cricket betting markets and available competitions to bet on is part of what makes a good bettor. Therefore, before betting, take time out to go through the menu.

Cricket betting markets

Cricket betting markets are the possible outcomes of a game, which a player is allowed to bet on. Bookmakers now serve up a long menu of cricket betting markets, providing players with the opportunity to exploit a wide range of betting appetite and angles. Some available betting markets are:

Match outcome and series winner

Perhaps the most popular market to bet on, the outcome of a match simply refers to the final result. In limited-over matches, there are only two possible outcomes, which is that either team wins. However, in test matches, there is a third possible result, which is a draw. Betting on the series winner works in a similar model, allowing you to bet on the likely winner and exact overall series score.

Leading run-scorer and wicket-taker

This market allows you to bet on the outcome of leading run scorers and wicket-taker in each match or innings. There are several variations in this market, therefore, it boasts a highly profitable terrain for those who can get their predictions spot on.

Man of the match

Just like any sport, certain players seem to stand shoulders above others with the x-factor. If you can guess who that player would be per match, then you can win big. The batsman is primed to mostly take this glory due to the role they play in the sport.

Competitions available

Betting on the best competitions is sure to get you the best odds and as a result, higher winnings. Competitions to consider when betting include:

  • The Indian Premier League
  • ICC Cricket world cup
  • The Ashes
  • Big Bash

Among these, the ICC cricket world cup is the standout completion for players to bet on, however, since it only comes around every four years, you also have to turn to domestic leagues.